Our stories demonstrate the impact on patient care by the specialty of pathology through our programs and grants, most notably by See, Test & Treat—our flagship humanitarian program. All of these stories would not be possible without the support of CAP members, staff, corporations, foundations, patient advocacy groups, health institutions, and laboratory communities.

Dr. Carey August Discusses Impact of Foundation Donations

The CAP Foundation supports Engaged Leaders Network members in a wide variety of activities. Members like Eva M. Wojcik, MD, FCAP, and Michael B. Prystowsky, MD, PhD, FCAP, lead See, Test & Treat events to bring life-saving cancer screenings and health education to women in need. Beyond See, Test & Treat, the foundation offers pathologists opportunities to advance the practice of pathology through funding and awards.

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See, Test & Treat Programs Around the Country

MISSISSIPPI: Tomeka Harps met with dozens of women at the University of Mississippi Medical Center at Jackson, Mississippi, on a Saturday morning in January. Harps was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer at UMMC See, Test & Treat program a year earlier. Successfully treated, she has been sharing her story, and transforming the patients from tense […]

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