Our stories demonstrate the impact on patient care by the specialty of pathology through our programs and grants, most notably by See, Test & Treat—our flagship humanitarian program. All of these stories would not be possible without the support of CAP members, staff, corporations, foundations, patient advocacy groups, health institutions, and laboratory communities.

Merck: A Desire to Improve Lives

See, Test & Treat served as a catalyst, inspiring Merck to support pathologists in their quest to help underserved patients. As a result, the CAP Foundation flagship program experienced first-hand how corporate responsibility and a desire to improve patient lives is at the core of Merck & Co’s philosophy and corporate culture. Merck is a […]

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Dr. Carey August Discusses Impact of Foundation Donations

The CAP Foundation supports Engaged Leaders Network members in a wide variety of activities. Members like Eva M. Wojcik, MD, FCAP, and Michael B. Prystowsky, MD, PhD, FCAP, lead See, Test & Treat events to bring life-saving cancer screenings and health education to women in need. Beyond See, Test & Treat, the foundation offers pathologists opportunities to advance the practice of pathology through funding and awards.

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See, Test & Treat Programs Around the Country

MISSISSIPPI: Tomeka Harps met with dozens of women at the University of Mississippi Medical Center at Jackson, Mississippi, on a Saturday morning in January. Harps was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer at UMMC See, Test & Treat program a year earlier. Successfully treated, she has been sharing her story, and transforming the patients from tense […]

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