The Medical Student Travel Award is intended to encourage and support medical students showing a strong interest in the specialty of pathology as a career choice. This award provides funding, to cover travel expenses up to $1,200.00, to attend the CAP Annual meeting where awardees will gain valuable insight and critical knowledge from experts regarding the field of pathology and career pathways.

To enhance the awardee’s experience at the Fall Residents Forum and CAP Annual meeting, a Resident Forum Delegate will be assigned to help the awardee:

  • Learn more about the specialty of pathology and residency training programs
  • Broaden the understanding of the role pathologists play on the healthcare team
  • Provide networking opportunities with residents and practicing pathologists to learn more about pursuing and preparing for a career in pathology.


  • Medical Students actively enrolled in an accredited medical school with a strong interest in the field of pathology.
  • All applicants will be considered regardless of age, race, gender, national origin or religion.
  • Applicants should have authorization from their institution to attend the meeting.
  • Awardees and/or their institutions should expect to cover any travel costs that exceed the amount awarded.
  • Award must be fulfilled within year it was granted and prior to converting to CAP Junior Member status.

To Apply

Submit the following materials by March 23, 2018:

    1. Medical Student Award Application
    2. An essay up to 750 words to include the following:*
      1. Interest in Pathology as a career
      2. Goals regarding attending the meeting
      3. Your plan to share and apply knowledge gained
      4. Why the award is essential to the applicant
      5. Why foundation financial support is necessary (NEED)
      6. Will you be submitting a poster for the CAP Annual Meeting?
        1. If so, please attach your abstract
    3. Two Letters of Recommendation from (1) CAP Member** and (2) Medical School Faculty
    4. Curriculum Vitae

* Applicants that do not address the above items in their application essay will not be considered.

** CAP Member recommendation letter can come from a practicing pathologist as well as CAP Junior members (includes trainees still in a pathology fellowship)

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