Genomic Testing Process Improvement Award

This award is sponsored by Loxo@Lilly.

Identifying appropriate workflow is key to quick turn-around times and appropriate patient care. The process of genomic testing—from tissue acquisition to report interpretation—can be challenging; the barriers to efficient molecular profiling can include:

  • pre-analytic challenges (ie, tissue biopsy techniques and collection methods resulting in insufficient tissue quality or material amount)
  • logistical challenges (ie, tissue handling and transport methods that are inefficient or harmful to tissue quantity/quality)
  • decision-making confusion (ie, unclear test menus and test indications)
  • unsatisfactory report interpretation (ie, unclear or inefficient annotation and reporting processes)
  • data dissemination to oncologists and patients (ie, unclear or inefficient reports/clinician interface)

This award—sponsored by Loxo@Lilly—offers CAP members (both Juniors and Fellows), up to $25,000 to fund process improvement projects exploring different approaches/processes for genomic testing, with the goal of exploring laboratory best practices in this area.

Proposals should focus on barrier reduction, workflow solutions to reduce inefficiencies, and strategies to eliminate test failure rate that can be utilized by other CAP members.

The desired project outcomes are to offer various sustainable workflow modules for existing molecular assays that can be applied or adapted at other hospitals or clinical settings to establish, streamline, and/or improve processes spanning from sample acquisition and physician ordering all the way through report interpretation, ultimately improving patient care and treatment.


Open to all CAP members. Applicants will be considered regardless of age, race, gender, or national origin.

Applicants with the following interests/experience are encouraged to apply:

  • Actively engaged in their institution’s molecular workflow
  • Established in-house genomic testing or are actively sending out to a reference lab for genomic testing of solid tumors
  • Interested in molecular testing of solid tumors with a particular interest in next-generation sequencing
  • Established career focus on molecular testing
Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$25,000Funds process improvement projects exploring different approaches/processes for genomic testingCAP membersClosed

To Apply

Because of this issue’s urgency, the Foundation seeks innovative, highly impactful short-term proposals (12 months), which can show progress within the period of this award. Applicants must demonstrate how their projects support quality assurance and quality and/or process improvements in pathology or patient safety, with the result of improved patient care.

Submit the following, with your completed application, by August 1, 2023:

  1. Application form
  2. A project proposal, to include:
    • Project title
    • Project executive summary
    • Detailed project narrative outlining existing challenge with a process map, project approach, goals, and resulting impact (max 3,000 words)
    • Detailed budget (items ineligible for funding include indirect expenses, manuscript submission fees, travel to meeting to present findings, etc.)
    • Project timeline with confirmation that the project can be completed within 12 months
  1. A letter from your institution (eg, department chair or residency program director) granting you permission to pursue the project, if an award is made
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Professional headshot for use in Foundation web and print media (Requirements: 1+ megabyte, color, professional dress, neutral background; no selfies please)

If Selected

Activation of the award is planned to occur as early as six weeks after application submission (subject to receipt of required assurances).

Genomic Testing Process Improvement Award recipients are required to prepare a series of reports:

  • Interim reports are due at quarterly intervals, three (3) month, six (6) month, and nine (9) month intervals after project initiation.
  • After twelve (12) months, a final report is due and must be in a form suitable for submission to the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. If the Archives editors reject the paper, the author is free to submit to other journals.

The CAP Foundation and Loxo@Lilly may also communicate the bestowing of this award and content from your evaluation form and project findings for future promotional purposes with CAP members and donors via the CAP Foundation’s website, social media channels, newsletter, or annual report.