CAP Foundation Committees

Serving on a CAP Foundation committee is just one way to help further our mission. CAP Foundation committees meet virtually via video conference call multiple times per year. Committee members should expect to work on various projects and initiatives outside of regular meetings.

Committees and Work Groups

Development Committee

The Development Committee ensures that the CAP Foundation is fiscally healthy through fundraising and stewardship efforts. Committee members nurture a culture of philanthropy toward the CAP Foundation throughout the CAP organization and its members by providing member-to-member stewardship and input on meaningful benefits for member donors. Committee members identify potential corporate and industry donor contacts, and, if needed, participate on calls and visits with potential corporate sponsors. The committee monitors fundraising results compared to the strategic development plan and evaluates return on investment for specific fundraising initiatives.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides guidance on the CAP Foundation’s fiscal well-being to the Board of Directors by assessing the financial impact of proposed plans for the coming year as part of the budget review process. The committee proposes a formal budget, reviews the annual audit report and investment report, and evaluates funds and reserves. Please note, the Finance Committee is restricted to current and previous members of the Board of Directors and is excluded from open applications.

Global Pathology Committee

The Global Pathology Committee identifies and develops impactful, sustainable, and accretive global health care initiatives and opportunities for CAP members to participate in, with the aim of expanding and advancing the specialty of pathology in under-resourced areas internationally. Committee members will develop and implement a systematic approach and vetting process to recommend and evaluate potential global pathology initiatives. They will also monitor and evaluate all approved projects, including creating metrics to measure impact and reach of global pathology initiatives.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for continuously reviewing and making recommendations to enhance the quality and viability of the board. The committee focuses on board member roles and responsibilities, elections and succession planning, and board member orientation, as well as board effectiveness. Please note, the Governance Committee is restricted to current and previous members of the Board of Directors and is excluded from open applications.

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee oversees the implementation and awarding of CAP Foundation grants, scholarships, and programs, including monitoring the use of funds to assure compliance with the award intent and reporting requirements. Annually, the committee will award See, Test & Treat grants and resident/fellow scholarships in line with the intent and purpose of the respective fund. In addition, the committee will continue to evaluate the impact of the grant’s portfolio on meeting CAP member needs.

Strategic Programs Committee

The Strategic Programs Committee sets the strategic direction and priorities for the Foundation’s grants, awards, and scholarships (including See, Test & Treat® grants) to ensure alignment with the CAP Foundation’s established mission and vision. The committee will: evaluate and recommend modifications needed to ensure sustainability and growth of Foundation programs and awards, develop a systematic program application and vetting process, and provide ongoing direction and guidance on the continued development and implementation of policies, procedures, and practices for grants, scholarships, and awards.

Work Group: See, Test & Treat Communities of Practice

The Communities of Practice offers See, Test & Treat program organizers, coordinators, and key contributors an opportunity to network and dialogue with other program leads and coordinators. The group shares and discusses challenges their programs have faced and provides best practices for how to enhance and improve programs going forward. The Communities of Practice gathers feedback and input from these key volunteers to improve See, Test & Treat program design and remove common obstacles faced by programs.

Work Group: Grant/Award Reviewers

The grant review teams operate on an ad hoc basis to review grants and develop recommendations for the Grants Committee’s consideration. Reviewers conduct review, evaluation, and scoring via an online portal. Each application is reviewed and scored by 3–5 volunteer reviewers. Teams are comprised of CAP members (Junior, Fellow, Emeritus). The average time commitment varies, but is typically 3–5 hours.


Service on a CAP Foundation committee(s) is open to CAP Fellows, Junior Members, and members, as well as to health care partners who are not eligible for CAP membership (including PhDs, non-board-certified pathologists, nurse practitioners, clinical partners, medical technologists, cytologists, etc). All interested individuals are encouraged to apply. Committee members may be appointed to serve on more than one committee at a time.

Appointment Process


  • The CAP Foundation Committee Member Application opens in January and closes on November 1 for the upcoming calendar year’s appointment cycle. The president and Board of Directors will make decisions on committee appointments no later than January of the committee year.
  • All applicants are notified no later than January 31 of the committee year.
  • Openings may occur on committees or project teams for various reasons throughout the calendar year. In the event of vacancies, applications on file will be considered. Individuals are notified promptly about their appointment following approval.

Length of Appointments

  • Appointments are made on a calendar year beginning January 1 through December 31. Members are eligible for re-appointment based on term limits for each role as defined by CAP Foundation policy.
  • Appointment terms based on position are:
    • Chair – 3 years (with annual re-appointment)
    • Member – 3 years (with annual re-appointment)

To Apply

If you’re interested in serving on a CAP Foundation committee/s, please fill out and submit our Committee Application Form.