See, Test & Treat

See, Test & Treat is a pathologist-led CAP Foundation initiative that delivers free cervical and breast cancer screening to medically underserved women in the United States who face language, cultural, financial, and transportation barriers to health care. Volunteer pathologists partner with a clinical care team to provide a one-day culturally appropriate program during which women receive a pelvic and clinical breast exam, a Pap test with same-day results, and a screening mammogram with same-day or prompt results. Patients gain access to interpretive services and translated educational sessions and materials. Additionally, they are connected to follow-up care at their new medical home.

Program Expectations

The following are mandatory components every See, Test & Treat must provide:

  • Free cervical and breast cancer screenings for uninsured or underinsured women
  • Same-day results for cervical cancer screenings; results same-day (preferable) or within one week for breast cancer screenings
  • Culturally, linguistically appropriate health education for your target communities
  • Connection to care for any individual in need of follow-up services or treatment, regardless of health insurance status


The CAP Foundation offers grants of up to $20,000 to support eligible program expenses. Funding is open to CAP members in partnership with a 501(c)3 non-profit organization(s) to support programs taking place in the US. Note, award funding will only be made to a 501(c)3 organization.

All applicants will be considered regardless of age, race, gender, or national origin. The pathologist leader must be part of the on-site health care team providing diagnostic services at the See, Test & Treat program. For more information, see our See, Test & Treat Toolkit and watch the “What It Takes to Host a See, Test & Treat Program” webinar.

Application Process

The See, Test & Treat process begins with our Request for Applications (RFA) period. The RFA period for 2022 has closed. Information regarding the 2023 See, Test & Treat RFA period will be available in spring 2022. All applications must be submitted through our online portal; the CAP Foundation will not accept mailed, faxed, or emailed applications. Please contact the Foundation with any questions.

The following items are required when submitting your application:

    • Your or your partner organization’s 501(c)3 number
    • Letters of support (template provided in the application portal) demonstrating the capacity to deliver See, Test & Treat’s four core components from your:
      • breast cancer screening provider
      • cervical cancer screening provider
      • host institution leadership
    • Three potential dates for your See, Test & Treat program
    • Your See, Test & Treat budget (template provided in the application portal)

For further guidance, watch our webinar on the See, Test & Treat application process.

After Applying

CAP Foundation staff will review your application and may contact you for additional information or clarification during the review process.

Additional Resources

We have developed a toolkit to help approved host sites effectively plan, execute, and report on their See, Test & Treat events.

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