Our stories demonstrate the impact on patient care by the specialty of pathology through our programs and grants, most notably by See, Test & Treat—our flagship humanitarian program. All of these stories would not be possible without the support of CAP members, staff, corporations, foundations, patient advocacy groups, health institutions, and laboratory communities.

Informatics Award Winners: Past and Present

Catching Up with a Former Recipient “The Informatics Award really opened my eyes to opportunities to become involved in organized medicine; for me, it represented a unique opportunity to meet individuals who are advancing how technology is used in our specialty.” So says Rajesh C. Dash, MD, FCAP, an active member of the CAP, a […]

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President’s Column: Help Us Close the Gap

Leadership is at the center of the Foundation’s mission. We award scholarships for scientific training and leadership development to help prepare the pathologist leaders of tomorrow. We also mobilize pathologists to lead cancer screening, diagnosis, and access to care to underserved patients in their communities. Our flagship program, See, Test & Treat, is an outstanding […]

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Herbek Award Winner Helps See, Test & Treat Take Hold in Houston

In 2011, Dina R. Mody, MD, FCAP, the medical director of cytopathology at Houston Methodist Hospital, and other faculty members were approached to host a See, Test & Treat® program. The CAP Foundation initiative provides free cervical and breast cancer screenings to underserved women across the United States with prompt results, follow-up care, and education. […]

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Merck Representatives Tour See, Test & Treats

When asked for his reaction after visiting the 2018 See, Test & Treat® program at IVFMD in Irving, Texas, Merck representative Barry McLaughlin summed it up in one word: priceless. An oncology diagnostics specialist consultant, McLaughlin is one of several Merck representatives who received behind-the-scenes tours at various See, Test & Treat events. Merck is […]

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