Most supporters connect with the CAP Foundation because their missions align. BioReference, an OPKO Health Company with a leading position in genetics, women’s health, and cancer, is working to advance the course of modern medicine. At the same time, the CAP Foundation is mobilizing pathologists to lead cancer screening, diagnosis, and access to care in underserved communities.

But pathologists can’t do it all on their own. For each See, Test & Treat program, there are dozens of dedicated volunteers, supportive institutions, and generous donors. In 2018, BioReference was one of those donors, making a first-time contribution of $50,000. They recognize that pathologists and laboratories are both direct parts of patient care.

“Behind every great patient outcome, there is a great laboratory,” said Geoff Monk, general manager of BioReference, the third largest full-service clinical diagnostic laboratory in the US.

Every year, See, Test & Treat welcomes nearly 1,000 patients to 10 or more locations. Each event starts with a $25,000 grant. In effect, BioReference is covering the base cost of at least two programs, serving more than 100 uninsured or under-insured women. These programs act as a catalyst for the women attending them, encouraging and enabling them to take charge of their health.

“See, Test & Treat is a unique program that brings the lab to people who can benefit the most from testing and treatment—those who have the least access to health care,” Monk said. “It shows people the importance of pathology and laboratory medicine to their health as it improves their overall health.”

It’s a thing of beauty when two like-minded organizations can find each other and work together for the greater good.

“OPKO Health is led by a physician, and BioReference will always have the physician’s perspective. That’s why we’re so pleased to be participating in See, Test & Treat with the CAP Foundation,” said Monk.

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