Global Pathology Award Winner Shares His Experience

As COVID-19 cases dwindle and life begins a return to normal in the US, patients and doctors in many nations throughout the world continue to face devastating waves of COVID-19 cases.

Fahad Alam, MD, IFCAP

Fahad Alam, MD, IFCAP

Fahad Alam, MD, IFCAP, stepped outside of his role as a pathology lecturer at the National Medical College in Nepal to conduct telemedicine consultations for patients in quarantine or isolation.

“This wave of COVID-19 resulted in tremendous loss of lives and destroyed many families,” Dr. Alam said. He began offering his services free of charge to do his part in helping those without immediate access to care as hospitals filled and health care resources ran low—a practice he continues now.

When he’s not volunteering to advise patients on COVID-19, he still maintains his duties as a pathologist and professor, helping to pass on his knowledge of diagnostic and laboratory medicine to the next generation of doctors in Nepal. Doctors who, he hopes, will help prevent the next pandemic or health care crisis.

As one of three winners of the CAP Foundation’s Global Pathology Education Award in 2020, Dr. Alam said he has a new cache of resources from which to draw for his teaching and practice. Last year’s inaugural award provided free attendance to CAP20 Virtual and the opportunity to apply for a complimentary one-year CAP International Fellow membership, which Dr. Alam opted to do.

The Global Pathology Education Award is back in 2021, offering up to 10 pathologists—practicing in under-resourced countries identified by the World Health Organization—the opportunity to gain invaluable educational and networking experiences via virtual attendance at CAP21. Eligible physicians must apply before July 31 and can learn more on the CAP Foundation’s Global Pathology Education Award page.

“The knowledge that I gained from CAP20 made me a better pathologist,” Dr. Alam said. “I use that knowledge and implement it in day-to-day reporting and academic activities.”

Being an International Fellow provides year-round access to the most up-to-date education, professional resources, and more from the specialty’s foremost experts. Dr. Alam said he especially appreciates the many CME opportunities, frequent webinars, and the latest news and cases from his CAP TODAY subscription.

Gail Vance, MD, FCAP, chair of the Global Pathology Committee, weighed in. “Thanks to the Foundation’s donors, and especially Gerald R. Hanson, MD, FCAP, who founded the Global Pathology Fund, we’re able to expand our reach and support pathologists all over the world,” Dr. Vance said.

She continued, “We’re just beginning our efforts outside the US, but providing these resources to pathologists everywhere helps patients everywhere. That’s something to get excited about.”