President’s Column: Help Us Close the Gap

Leadership is at the center of the Foundation’s mission.

We award scholarships for scientific training and leadership development to help prepare the pathologist leaders of tomorrow. We also mobilize pathologists to lead cancer screening, diagnosis, and access to care to underserved patients in their communities.

Our flagship program, See, Test & Treat, is an outstanding example of the ways pathologists can be leaders in the community and their health care organizations to raise the visibility of the specialty.

Leadership is the key to the sustainability of the Foundation’s work.

The CAP Foundation—YOUR Foundation!—manages 15 See, Test & Treat programs each year, thanks to your donations and the work of CAP members.

Expanding coverage by bringing See, Test & Treat to more locations, to close the gap between people who have health insurance and those who have little to no access to the health care system, has created ANOTHER gap: the need for increased funding.

That’s where leadership comes in.

Dina R. Mody, MD, FCAP, this year’s Herbek Humanitarian Award winner, has taken many steps to close the gap. “You don’t have to go far to change lives. Charity begins at home, and through the See, Test & Treat program, the CAP Foundation epitomizes that philosophy.”

Your year-end donation can help us close both gaps and reach 100% funding.

At the CAP Annual Meeting, I connected with recipients of the Medical Student Travel Awards, the Leadership Development Awards, the Informatics Awards, and the Herbek Humanitarian Award. These women and men represent the pathologists of today and the pathologists of the future. Their applications and their work indicate a high level of enthusiasm. They are proud of their ability to impact people’s lives.

By donating to the CAP Foundation you are investing in the future of your specialty.

Join me in supporting the CAP Foundation. Make a contribution to help us continue and expand our vital work.

In my view, that’s what leadership means.

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