Global Pathology Development Grant

The CAP Foundation’s Global Pathology Development Grant was created to improve global health and the science and expansion of pathology and pathology services. It offers up to $10,000 USD in funding to support impactful, sustainable, and accretive global (international) projects that develop, expand, and sustain the delivery of pathology services through education/training, patient care, laboratory quality, or enhanced technology and laboratory diagnostics.

The grant provides funding to support organizations and individuals who are working with limited budgets and have active programs promoting pathology services in under-resourced areas across the globe.

Applications will be reviewed for merit and alignment of the project goals with the intent of the grant. Focus areas may include innovative community health, public education, or service initiatives aimed at:

  • Programs supporting the provision of technical guidance and support for labs regarding selection of lab tests, lab supplies and equipment.
  • Helping laboratory sites with development of standard operating procedures, budgets, evaluating current capacity, and expansion plans.
  • Technical expansion – upgrading pathology technologies to meet quality and international standards.
  • Systems strengthening – systems to appropriately operate and maintain the laboratory, eg, initiatives such as the Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation program
  • Local Capacity Building – continued education of pathologists, residents, and laboratory staff to build local pathology capacity.
  • Innovative programs supporting the practice of anatomic and/or clinical pathology including the expansion of services
  • Exploratory meetings and forums conducive to networking with professionals on international pathology or laboratory quality issues.


The following individuals/groups are encouraged to apply:

  • Global pathology/health care organizations—preference to 501c3 organizations in the US or charitable non-profit organizations outside the US
  • Pathologists actively engaged in providing the science and expansion of pathology and pathology services in under resourced areas across the globe
  • CAP Fellows or CAP International Fellows (CAP membership preferred but not required)

Applicants unable to meet any of these components are not eligible to apply for funding. Additionally, currently serving members of the CAP Foundation Board of Directors, Foundation committee members, CAP Board members, or candidates for elected CAP or CAP Foundation office are not eligible to serve as the principal investigator for this grant.

To Apply

The following materials are required to apply:

  1. Application form
  2. A project proposal, to include:
    1. Project title
    2. Project executive summary (one page)
    3. Detailed project narrative delineating goals and how they support building, sustaining, and expanding the delivery of pathology services and its impact on patient care (max 3,000 words)
    4. Detailed budget (exclusions include funding for personal travel and indirect expenses)
    5. Confirmation that the project may be completed in one to two years
  3. A letter from the sponsoring institution (eg, identifying where the investigator practices and their governmental or nongovernmental organization) granting permission to pursue the project, if a grant is bestowed
  4. Curriculum vitae (also include your team members’ CVs; limit to five pages per person, biographical sketch format acceptable)
  5. Photo (preference for a photo featuring your face or face & shoulders; 1+ megabyte; color; with or without lab coat; neutral background; the photo you submit to be used in web and print media for grant recognition; no selfies please)

Applications for funding are due by Friday, June 28, 2024, at 5 PM CT.