Genentech Supports CAP Foundation Goals, Initiatives

In 2016, leaders at Genentech, a biotechnology corporation and member of the Roche group, recognized a potential partnership with the CAP Foundation in promoting and advancing pathology and laboratory medicine.

The two organizations started by co-hosting webinars and, later, a roundtable discussion in 2020 to explore the role of pathologists in patient care and how they could work to further improve quality and accuracy in diagnosing disease.

In 2021, partners at Genentech wanted to get more involved in directly supporting the CAP Foundation’s programs and saw an opportunity in the Empowering Our Future fundraising campaign. The campaign has now raised over $2.3 million with the help of corporate donors like Genentech, who pledged over $200,000 in support.

“The current initiative from the CAP Foundation represents key areas that our team is passionate about: pathology training, education, and research,” said Judy Largen, biomarker testing account executive with Genentech. “We are also aligned with the objectives of CAP Foundation’s See, Test & Treat initiative.”

Expanding Collaboration in Diagnosis and Treatment

Clear parallels exist among the Genentech teams working to develop treatments for serious disease and the pathologist members of the CAP, who diagnose disease and help inform treatment decisions. In particular, Genentech’s biomarker testing team works diligently to provide educational resources about diagnostic tools for pathologists, according to Largen.

She continued, “Pathologists’ leadership of multidisciplinary teams increases collaboration with clinical colleagues and results in better patient care. Given how we are aligned on the importance of pathologists in the delivery of health care, we continue to look for opportunities to appropriately support the CAP Foundation.”

Genentech provides charitable giving to nonprofit partners who reduce barriers to participation in clinical research and supports careers in science and medicine for historically underrepresented communities.

The CAP Foundation’s support of pathologists in medically under-resourced areas of the world through the Global Pathology Education Award and Global Pathology Award aligns with the work of Genentech, said Largen. The Leadership Development Award and Medical Student Award also provide a diverse group of medical students and residents with unparalleled learning opportunities.

Sharing a Commitment to Health Equity

Outside of the organization’s direct ties to pathology, Genentech aligns with the CAP Foundation in its commitment to health equity and community service.

“The CAP Foundation helps elevate the voices of pathologists in the fight for health equity and has opened access to pathology education to underserved and under-resourced areas,” said Maya Ogden, executive director of the CAP Foundation.

“With partner hospitals and clinics across the US, we also directly eliminate barriers to care with the See, Test & Treat program,” Ogden continued.

The CAP Foundation’s See, Test & Treat program partners with hospitals and clinics to provide pathologist-led, free cervical cancer and breast cancer screening events in medically underserved communities.

Largen said Genentech shares the CAP Foundation’s mission to expand health equity in medically underserved communities. “We’re focused on advancing the inclusion of under-represented groups in research and development programs to enrich scientific insights,” Largen said. “We also focus on supporting initiatives that increase access to quality clinical care for diverse patient populations.”

In 2022, the CAP Foundation distributed 74 grants and awards to support pathologists and laboratory medicine and served hundreds of patients through 13 See, Test & Treat programs across the US.

You can learn more about Genentech, as well as the CAP Foundation’s Empowering Our Future campaign—read the campaign report, published in May 2022.