Foundation Reports on $2.3 Million Fundraising Effort

A new report from the CAP Foundation covers everything you need to know about the Empowering Our Future campaign, which successfully raised over $2.358 million from six corporate and 64 individual donors in 2021 to support pathologists and their patients for years to come.

The Empowering Our Future 2021 Campaign Report gets the inside scoop from leadership behind the effort on how the funds raised will support CAP Foundation programs, grants, and awards. Campaign donors also talk about why they chose to support the CAP Foundation and its programs.

Rebecca L. Johnson, MD, FCAP, said, “I support the mission of the CAP Foundation to expand health equity, especially through the See, Test & Treat program and the leadership development activities of the Foundation.”

To hear from other donors and to learn more about the CAP Foundation’s future, read the full Empowering Our Future 2021 Campaign Report.