Keitges Grant for Medical Ethics

The Pierre W. Keitges, MD, Medical Ethics Endowment Fund, established under the aegis of the College of American Pathologists Foundation, will provide funding (up to $5,000) for programs addressing some aspect of pathology from an ethical perspective (eg, the leadership role of pathologists in medical ethics, patient care, and patient advocacy).

Programs are intended to assist pathologists in considering and evaluating ethical and health disparity issues facing pathology and medicine; these may include but are not limited to: lectures, seminars, or forums on medical ethics/health inequity at state pathology society meetings, CAP Residents Forum, Pathologists Leadership Summit, CAP Annual Meeting, or other venues as deemed acceptable.

For programming purposes, the program will be referred to as The Pierre Keitges, MD, Memorial Program on Medical Ethics.


Open to all CAP members. All applicants will be considered regardless of age, race, gender, national origin. Grant recipients are required to submit an evaluation summary within 30 days of the course/program presentation. Awardees should expect to cover any costs that exceed the amount awarded. Award funding must be fulfilled within the year it was granted

Selection Process

On behalf of the CAP Foundation Board of Directors, the CAP Foundation Grants Committee chooses the award recipient based on peer reviews. Factors considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Merit of application/program content as it relates to an ethical or health disparity issue facing pathology and pathologists
  • Value and relevancy of the educational experience to the applicant

Application Process

  • Applications will only be accepted through the Survey Monkey Apply system.
  • Applicants may be contacted for additional information or clarifications by CAP Foundation staff during the review process
  • Approved applicants will be notified of their award within six weeks of their application submission.
  • Prior to beginning your application, please note the following:
    • You must be a current CAP member.
    • If working with a 501c3 organization, please have the 501c3 number handy to include in your application.
    • You will be required to submit your program budget with your online application.

If you have questions or comments regarding the application process, please contact Julia Rankenburg at or 847-832-7931.