See, Test & Treat Outstanding Partner Award


The CAP Foundation’s See, Test & Treat® program is a comprehensive cervical and breast cancer screening program that connects women in need to the life-saving diagnostic skills of a volunteer team of health professionals. See, Test & Treat provides medically underserved women across the United States with free screening and results—in one day—and connection to further follow-up care after the program. The program also strives to educate women about the role of the pathologist on their health care team, the importance of routine preventive screening, and how healthy lifestyle choices reduce cancer risk.

The See, Test & Treat® Outstanding Partner Award, established in 2019, compliments the Herbek Humanitarian Award by recognizing and honoring a non-pathologist partner for their contribution and service in support of the See, Test & Treat program.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominees must have significantly contributed to and participated in one or more See, Test & Treat events.
  2. Nominations must be submitted by May 6, 2024, using the See, Test & Treat Outstanding Partner Award online form.
  3. Currently serving CAP Foundation board members, or candidates for any elected CAP office, are not eligible for award nomination.
  4. Self-nominations or incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Evaluation Process

  1. The Herbek Humanitarian Award Selection Committee selects the outstanding partner awardee. The committee will choose an award recipient based on, but not limited to, the following factors:
    • Length of time the individual has been involved with the See, Test & Treat program
    • Role within the See, Test & Treat program, including level of engagement and collaboration with partners
    • Impact the individual has had on the See, Test & Treat program within their institution and the community
    • The individual’s use of innovative and sustainable approaches benefiting See, Test & Treat patients
  2. The committee will evaluate all nominations and recommend the award candidate to the CAP Foundation Board of Directors for approval in late June 2023. Their subsequent decision is final. Award notification will be sent by June 28, 2024.
  3. No information about the evaluation process and/or the nominees will be shared prior to official notification of the award honoree

*The CAP Foundation reserves the right to NOT confer an award in any given year.

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
--Recognizes a non-pathologist partner for their contribution and service in support of the See, Test & Treat program.Any non-pathologist who has significantly contributed to the See, Test & Treat programSubmit nominations by May 6

Award Presentation

The See, Test & Treat Outstanding Partner Award will be presented to the recipient during a formal ceremony at their home institution.