The CAP Foundation’s See, Test & Treat® grant supports our flagship program, which offers free cervical and breast cancer screening, with same day results, to women in need. Volunteer pathologists partner with a clinical care team, provide screening and results to women. Additionally, attendees and their families receive health-focused education.


  • Reduce barriers to cervical and breast cancer screening
  • Increase the number of women receiving these screenings and needed follow-up care
  • Further early detection and treatment of cervical and breast cancers
  • Decrease anxiety related to test results and potential next steps

Programs are expected to do the following:


Open to CAP members who have been invited to apply for a See, Test & Treat grant. All applicants will be considered regardless of age, race, gender, national origin. The pathologist leader must be part of the on-site health care team providing the diagnostic services at the See, Test & Treat program. Award funding will only be made to a 501(c)3 organization. Watch a webinar, What It Takes to Host a See, Test & Treat program.


See, Test & Treat – 2019 Request for Application (RFA)

In its first years of growth, See, Test & Treat has met the highest standards of quality, delivered powerful impact in dozens of communities, and proven its ability to reach greater scale. As See, Test & Treat continues to demonstrate its impact in communities across the United States, we are experiencing an overwhelming response to host programs in many communities.

To take this life-saving program to the next level, the CAP Foundation has established an 18-month program pipeline. An aid to host sites as well as Foundation operations, our 18-month program pipeline ensures advanced planning, budgeting and fundraising—all vital areas needed to help See, Test & Treat achieve greater scale and impact.

Our program process begins with our Request for Applications (RFA), each June through August; the next See, Test & Treat RFA is scheduled to run June 1–August 31, 2018, for programs targeting delivery in 2019.

With this in mind, now is the time to work within your organization to gain support to host a program and recruit colleagues to support you in this life-saving endeavor…because no woman in America should die from undiagnosed cervical or breast cancer.

All sites wanting to host a program and apply for See, Test & Treat funding in 2019 will be required to submit the following:

  1. Prescreening Questionnaire
  2. Program/Grant Application

The 2019 See, Test & Treat RFA period will open on Friday, June 1, 2018, and close at 5:00 pm CT on Friday, August 31, 2018. All sites wanting to host a program and apply for See, Test & Treat funding in 2019 must submit the above questionnaire and application by the August 31, 2018, deadline.

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