Mission and Vision

The CAP Foundation champions patient-centered and humanitarian roles for pathologists. We strive to connect people, especially those in need, to the specialized, life-saving skills of pathologists.

Our programs demonstrate the impact on patient care by the specialty of pathology and are made possible by support of CAP members, staff, corporations, foundations, patient advocacy groups, health institutions, and laboratory communities.

CAP Foundation History

For over 50 years, the CAP Foundation has granted millions of dollars to support pathology education, research, training, and travel grants, with the purpose to:

  • Enhance the role of the pathologist in the provision of medical care.
  • Advance pathology through the education of the medical community.
  • Encourage the clinical application of research developments.

Our Impact

The CAP Foundation’s 2017 fall newsletter highlights achievements made possible through our supporters: From our first Virginia-based See, Test & Treat® program, to paving the way for promising pathology residents, our efforts and your support make a difference.

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The CAP Foundation is committed to transparency and informing the community, donors, and funders about how we operate.

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