Over six years ago, my colleague John Baker, MD, FCAP, asked me to volunteer for an upcoming See, Test, and Treat program at Charles Drew Health Center in Omaha. I had heard about the program and respected its goal to deliver free cancer screenings to uninsured and medically underserved patients.

However, it wasn’t until the day of the event that I really understood how special the See, Test & Treat program was. Not only for the patients who receive essential care, but for me and my fellow pathologists, clinicians, and volunteers.

I felt an immediate connection with the community when I spoke to a group of Hispanic women. They had many health questions, which I was able to answer in Spanish. It was gratifying to see how comfortable they were, knowing they could relate to a doctor who shared their culture.

We as pathologists do not always have the opportunity to meet our patients or see the direct impact of our work, but See, Test & Treat helps raise our visibility in the community and at our institutions.

It was also at that 2017 See, Test & Treat program that I was introduced to Gene Herbek, MD, FCAP, who founded the program in 2001. I quickly recognized him as not only a leader in pathology and advocate for the underserved, but as a friend and mentor. While we lost Dr. Herbek in 2020, his legacy lives on in See, Test &Treat, as well as with the many people he inspired throughout his life. It was an honor to have worked with such an inspirational man.

I’m so thankful that first Dr. Baker and then Dr. Herbek introduced me to this program back in 2017. I’ve been volunteering—eventually leading, See, Test & Treat programs—ever since.

In that time, we’ve provided hundreds of patients with not only free cervical and breast cancer screening, but with health education, social programs, and introductions into their communities of care.

Every year, the CAP Foundation is able to partner with health institutions across the country to reach over 600 patients who need care. We would like to increase the reach and impact of this program in medically underserved communities.

However, to keep serving patients we need your donations and support.

Please consider supporting the CAP Foundation and its See, Test & Treat program to help ensure many more years of programs with many more patients served.

The See, Test, and Treat program has significantly impacted my personal and professional life. Giving back to my community and witnessing the joy of patients receiving personalized attention and care has been a truly gratifying experience.

It is crucial to maintain the legacy of Dr. Herbek and continue supporting at-risk medical communities through the See, Test, and Treat program. I hope you’ll join me.

Ana Yuil-Valdes, MD, FCAP

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