Support the Future of Your Foundation and Specialty

Like many supporters of the CAP Foundation, my involvement began with a simple donation after I heard of its unique See, Test & Treat program, founded by my friend Gene Herbek, MD, FCAP. I simply had to support a Foundation that not only made a direct impact on patients but on my profession and its future.

Join me in supporting the CAP Foundation so that we can continue to develop new programs that directly support both pathologists and patients. I like to remind pathologists that this is their organization.

I learned how the See, Test & Treat program served patients with not only free cervical and breast cancer screening—which is certainly important—but with inclusive and compassionate care tailored to their backgrounds and communities.

While serving on the CAP’s Board of Governors, I was happy to be named the liaison to the CAP Foundation Board of Directors, a position from which I’d learn a whole lot more about what the Foundation has to offer—and eventually lead to my current position as vice president of the Board of Directors.

In my time with the Foundation, we’ve continued to evolve with new grants and awards to provide more opportunities to medical students, residents, and practicing pathologists. These awards connect pathologists to new opportunities through CAP meetings while other grants provide hands-on opportunities through rotations in specific subspecialties or areas of research.

In 2023, with the help of our corporate and organizational partners, we were able to provide new awards for early-career pathologists to help develop laboratory assays and complete a rotation through a medical examiner office.

I find these opportunities to be not only truly exciting for our individual recipients, but for the future of our specialty and the good of our patients. That’s one reason my husband and I established the Scientific Education and Research Fund in 2022, which will help further leading-edge, timely education while also supporting research to advance newer diagnostic and treatment modalities for patient care.

I want to ensure that we have a strong specialty with pathologist leaders at the forefront of patient care. The CAP Foundation shares that vision, and we trust you do too.

Bharati S. Jhaveri, MD, FCAP
Vice President, CAP Foundation Board of Directors